31DC2014 Day 10: Gradient

Hey guys! Ten days down, twenty-one more days to go! (Can you hear the groan? It’s there. It’s so there.) Not to toot my own horn or anything, but gradients are one of the things I personally think I do well. It took me a bit to figure out, then as soon as I got my own way, bam! I got it. And while I wanted to do something neat with this one, just to hype it up, I found I really just wanted a nice, simple gradient.

Gradient nailsTopped in glitter, of course!

This gradient is all China Glaze: Electric Beat to For Audrey to Four Leaf Clover topped by Fairy Dust. The tips are more green than they phoographed, so it’s a full three-toned maneuver of color. I’m really happy with it; so happy, I did my right hand as well. And now I’m seriously regretting that decision because I have to take it off and do polka dots for tomorrow.

I’m seriously considering leaving this on my right hand anyway.

China Glaze For AudreyChina Glaze Four Leaf CloverGradient NailsThoughts? It really was stupid of me to do a full two-hand manicure. It’s making it so hard to pull out the acetone. Oh well. See you tomorrow!



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