31DC2014 Day 11: Polka Dots

Hey guys! I know this one is a day late, but I’ve been having some camera troubles. (In that, the camera is suddenly no where to be found.) So, I’m posting this one a day late and today’s prompt will come this afternoon.

Polka DotsColors used here are Zoya Frida and Tomoko. I decided to do a jelly sandwich polka dot design, because it was the only thing I could think of. I started with one coat of Frida, then did a row of dots with Tomoko. Another coat of the jelly, then another row of dots until I hit the tip of my nail. The last row of dots is only covered in top coat, and I love the depth to these.

As you can see, Frida is a true jelly. That’s five coats of color and you can still see my nail line. It wasn’t as bad in person — still visible if you looked for it, but these photos are making it pronounced. Also, this design took forever to dry. I hit my pinky nail and smudged it (which is completely visible), but I was not in the mood to fix it.

Zoya TomokoJelly Sandwich31DC2014What do you think? 



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