31DC2014 Day 13: Animal Print

Hey guys. Hope you’re having a good Saturday. By the time this is posted, I’ll have already been at work for two and a half hours, so I guess you could say it could be better. 🙂 Anyway, today is animal print and I have a fawn-inspired design to share.

Animal PrintThis one didn’t turn out how I thought. I realized I definitely need some more red-based browns and tans for it to work out, and the white was a little stark. Oh well. Can’t win them all, right?

Colors used for this are OPI Berlin There Done That and OPI Scores a Goal! for the gradient background, and Alpine Snow for the spots. I’m still kind of pleased with this. It’s definitely a learning experience, and I love how the gradient turned out.

OPI Berlin There Done ThatDeer print31DC2014Thoughts? Hope you’re having a great Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “31DC2014 Day 13: Animal Print

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    I didn’t see it as a fawn at first I just thought ‘Cool! What an unusual print, maybe a fish or something?’. But like you said, with a browner base, you would have nailed it, even though you have already, it’s just that it looks different from what you were going for, but I still like it! Is that making sense?…


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