31DC2014 Day 14: Flowers

Hey guys! Happy Sunday. Today is flowers and I found inspiration in this awesome “close up” manicure done by Simply Rins. I’m not a flower person. I love them in person, but on nails…not so much. So when I found these and fell absolutely in love with them, I knew I had to try.

FlowersFor this, I used the colors in Julep’s September box. I don’t think I’ll have a swatch post of these colors up until October, so I settled for using them all in a design. The light pink is Fifi, the gold Mahima, and the green is Ryan. Ryan was a pain to paint with. It’s a satin finish, so it dried super fast and ended up being a little streaky. However, a top coat covered most of the issues I had with it.

Julep MahimaFlowers31DC2014What do you think? I really love the look of this and will definitely want to revisit it come spring. See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “31DC2014 Day 14: Flowers


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