The 31 Day Challenge 2014 Roundup

The 31 Day ChallengeI have finished the 31 Day Challenge. Give me a second; I’m letting that wash over me for a moment. I am so freaking ecstatic that I finished this thing. It was an absolute blast that I look forward to not dealing with for the next eleven months. Let’s take a look at what I managed to churn out!

31DC2014 Day 01  31DC2014 Day 02  31DC2014 Day 0331DC2014 Day 04  31DC2014 Day 05  31DC2014 Day 0631DC2014 Day 07  31DC2014 Day 08  31DC2014 Day 0931DC2014 Day 10  31DC2014 Day 11  31DC2014 Day 1231DC2014 Day 13  31DC2014 Day 14  31DC2014 Day 1531DC2014 Day 16  31DC2014 Day 17  31DC2014 Day 1831DC2014 Day 19  31DC2014 Day 20  31DC2014 2131DC2014 Day 22  31DC2014 Day 23  31DC2014 Day 2431DC2014 Day 25  31DC2014 Day 26  31DC2014 Day 2731DC2014 Day 28  31DC2014 Day 29  31DC2014 Day 3031DC2014 Day 31

I’m still shocked I finished it. Overall, it was amazing. I tried so many new techniques, and while there were a lot of designs I’m not a fan of, there are a lot I absolutely love. Any favorites for you?

Well, I’m off! I have a long weekend of nothing planned waiting for me, and I can’t wait to get there. See you Monday!


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