OPI Calendar: October — Pink and Purple Ruffian

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I somehow managed to score a three-day weekend, and I took advantage of it! Everything’s clean, laundry is done, I finished reading a book, and I somehow managed to convince myself to paint my nails. So, today, I put together this look using four OPI colors.

OPI Strawberry MargaritaIf you’re new to this, I have a calendar from OPI that features a pallet of three or four colors each month. This month includes Care to Danse, Significant Other Color, Strawberry Margarita, and Purple With a Purpose.

Care to Danse is a super sheer color with a purple hue. I started with a base of that, then made a ruffian with Strawberry Margarita and Purple With a Purpose. The colors are super opaque, and I was really surprised with Strawberry Margarita. I’m not a pink person, but this one is bright enough to make me rethink my initial opinion. Significant Other Color is a light purple polish with a pink, green, and gold duochrome shimmer. (Is it still duochrome if it has three colors?) I decided to use that in stripes over the ruffian, and the darker base color brought out the green.

Ruffian NailsStripesRuffianWhat do you think? Hope you have a wonderful Monday and I’ll see you later this week!


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