Julep Maven October It Girl Swatches

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend! I did. My boyfriend surprised me with a weekend away and a day at Epcot, just for the hell of it. It was a blast and I absolutely loved spending time in just that park. It’s my favorite! Today, I have the swatches for October’s Maven It Girl box from Julep to share. I know it’s odd to have two swatch posts (and from the same brand) back-to-back, but this is a little important to me. It’s almost impossible to find actual swatches of Julep (outside of their Photoshopped photos on the website), and a picture of the bottle doesn’t really tell you how the polish looks on the nail. So, I’m going to be pretty consistent in swatching any Julep polishes I get. Let’s take a look!

Julep Maven It Girl OctoberFirst up is Dana. This is a white creme that is supposed to shine blue under black light. Unfortunately, I do not own a black light, but if it’s anything like what their website shows, I’m excited to try it out. There’s a pretty blue shimmer that shows up in the bottle, but it didn’t translate to the nail. That’s probably where the black light comes in! This is three coats and a bit of dragging at the tip of my pinkie nail.

Julep DanaNext is Ledi. While I wouldn’t call this a true black, it’s pretty close. It seems slightly more warm than the other blacks in my stash. It has the faintest, most subtle shimmer I’ve ever seen. You can see it while you’re painting it on, then it disappears for the most part as soon as the polish is dry. I used two coats for this.

Julep LediLast is my favorite, Shailene. It’s a wine-purple color with a gold shimmer. I absolutely love this color and it’s what kept me from switching my box out this month. Julep polishes tend to remain on the thicker side of formula consistency, but this one was really thick. I actually had to thin it out to be able to paint evenly. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for another color. Below is two coats.

Julep ShaileneHope you all have a great start to your week, and I’ll be seeing you soon with some nail art!



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