Blue & Silver Gradient

Hey guys! How’s your week going? Mine’s going…alright. It’s the first week since my coworker transferred, so I’m a little bummed. Today, I have a simple gradient to share with you.

NYC GradientBecause I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint my nails over the weekend, I did a simple gradient that I figured would last until I got back home Sunday evening. For this one, I used NYC polishes: Empire State Blue and Tribeca Silver. I definitely did this one backwards: I started with a base of Tribeca Silver, when I should have used the blue as the base. Even though this silver is a super-fine glitter, it’s a good opaque polish, so getting the blue opaque took a few more sponging passes than normal.

The colors remind me of two OPI colors I’ve used in the past: DS Radiance and Yodel Me On My Cell. The pictures I have from that post aren’t great looks at the color, so I might have to actually compare swatches of it. Every time I looked at my nails, though, I had to remind myself they weren’t OPI. It was a bit interesting.

NYC Empire State BlueOmbreNYC Tribeca SilverWhat do you think? Hope you have a great day!


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