Black and White…Grass?

Hey guys! Today, I have a fail that I turned into something else to share with you.

China GlazeI’ve been wanting to do gradients for a bit now, and I think it’s because the last couple just haven’t turned out how I wanted them to. So I decided to grab a couple China Glaze polishes and give it another shot. These colors are White on WhitePelican Gray, and Black Diamond. They were packaged together in a set specifically for gradients, and I have no idea why.

White on White is a fully opaque white. Pelican Gray is a semi-opaque gray, only that it needs an extra coat. Black Diamond… Well. It’s pointless trying to do a gradient with it. The below picture is after four coats of the makeup sponge. Four.

China Glaze GradientIt’s still not even opaque. Being darker on the sides of the nails is on light error. They actually looked like that. I was so aggravated. This is the second time I’ve tried using it in a gradient, and I think I’ve finally learned. Hopefully, I’ve learned. While it didn’t turn out absolutely horrible, this was not the white-to-black gradient I was hoping for.

So, I took Black Diamond and a striping brush and decided to hide the imperfections. It ended up looking like a gray-scale field of grass. Had I known that was going to be the end result, I would have definitely added zombies or something. It ended up as a great base for a Halloween design, even though I didn’t take it that far.

China Glaze Pelican GrayChina Glaze White on WhiteWhat do you think? Hope you have a great day!



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