BBofCFL — Pink

Hey guys! Today, the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida are doing another linkup, and this month’s theme is pink. You all know pretty well that I’m not a fan of pink, so this one was a little tough for me to figure out. While pink in October usually means breast cancer awareness, I’ve decided to go a different route and simply create a pink manicure.

OPI Hey BabyFor this look, I started with a base of OPI Sweet Heart, then drew in the lines with Hey Baby. It started out as just horizontal lines, but they weren’t looking so hot, so I added the vertical lines to help camouflage the mistakes. Worked pretty well! After that, I grabbed Miami Beet and painted in the letters.

I’m really liking the lettering in nail art. It took me a bit to start to incorporate, which is crazy because I’ve been drawing word art for years. It’s what I do when I’m bored. To have waited until last month’s challenge to give it a go is just insane. I’m happy with how these turned out. Looking back, I would have made the letters a little larger, taking up more space on the nail, but I know for next time. For my thumb, I added a simple heart.

OPIOPI Hey BabyPink NailsMake sure you check out the other fabulous ladies!

3 thoughts on “BBofCFL — Pink

  1. litfromwithin9 says:

    I love this so hard. I used to steal my brother’s (the engineer) drafting paper when I was a kid and draw on it and practice different fonts. This mani just took me right back there!


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