Julep Tentacles

Hey all! Hope you all had a good Halloween. Mine went pretty well, a little low-key, but I had fun. I’ve been a little absent with nail art lately, so I’ve been trying to get back into it. While I didn’t do any traditional Halloween designs, I did something a little spooky that I wore over this past weekend.

Matte GradientI started with a gradient using Julep Kam, Roc Solid, and Ledi. Going in with a small art brush, I used Kam to create tentacles, then added the details with Roc Solid. I topped it all with a matte top coat to give it that extra bit of oomph.

This is a super simple design that looked more involved than it was. I really enjoyed wearing it. It kind of makes me want to revisit the Disney villains I did last year. I’ve been throwing that idea back and forth, and I might end up doing something.

Octopus Nail ArtJulep KamLet me know what you think!


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