Vegeta Nails

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Last weekend, I purchased Battle of the Gods for my boyfriend as a belated birthday present and we spent Saturday night on the couch watching it while eating Chinese takeout. It was a glorious evening. While I wasn’t a Dragon Ball fan growing up, I’ve been introduced to the absolutely hilarious abridged version and watched a few of the movies. So, after seeing the movies, I found that I really wanted to put my favorite character onto my nails.

VegetaFor this, I used Julep Bailey, Essie Blanc and Licorice, and OPI Good Grief. Bailey was probably not a good choice for this one formula-wise: it’s a bit of a jelly polish. I used three coats and there’s still slight nail line (it’s wasn’t as prominent in real life). However, I didn’t really have another blue to match, so now I get to shopping.

My thumb has a really simplified version of his armor-belt-thing. It worked for what I was going for. His hair is my favorite part. It’s not perfect, but turned out better than I anticipated, even with the slight dragging. Absolutely love it. At first, I was worried that this design was overall too simple, but then I looked at his hair once more and promptly shoved that thought out of my mind. This was so much fun to wear and I’ll probably be doing something like this again.

Dragonball ZDragon Ball Z NailsHave a great weekend! I’ll see you Monday.

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