Geometric OPI Design

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. I did — went bra shopping Saturday and it was actually successful! I had a blast throwing away all the old, ruined, painful bras in my room. Should have lit them on fire, but dumping them in the trash can was a good alternative. Today, I have a geometric design using the three colors featured on my OPI calendar for November.

OPI Pirouette My WhistleThe colors used are Pamplona Purple, I Saw…You Saw…We Saw…Warsaw, and Pirouette My Whistle. The first time I tried these colors together, I used Pamplona Purple and ISYSWSW (I’m not typing that out again!) and then topped with the glitter. Did not work. So, I took it off and gave it another shot.

I started with alternating between Pamplona and ISYSWSW, covered that with Pirouette, then laid down some tape and painted with the contrasting color. I love this mani. The glitter and alternating colors make it a little hard to figure out and you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at. And it was super easy to do. Also, these two cremes are gorgeous! Pamplona was a one-coater and a perfect forumla. ISYSWSW glided right on and the contrast between the two was beautiful. These were both colors I wasn’t keen on owning and now am so happy I have them.

OPIGeometric NailsOPI NailsHave a great day!


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