Snowflakes in the Air

HA! Not really! I’ve never seen a snowflake in my life, but I know they’re floating around some place on this planet. I got super in the mood for winter/holiday nails and decided to go with snowflakes.

OPI Push & ShoveI started with OPI DS Lapis, which is a BEAUTIFUL blue that dries matte, but sparkles with top coat. Then I used Push & Shove to draw on the snowflakes. These colors work amazing together. Both are super pigmented, so I didn’t have to redo lines for the silver, and if I made a mistake, the blue covered perfectly.

The dots were added simply to fill in blank space. I wasn’t so sure I would like them, but they did the job and looked pretty good at the end. Looking back on it, I wish I would have tried smaller snowflakes. I’m still happy with the end result.

OPI DS LapisHoliday Nail ArtSnowflakesWhat do you think?



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