Matte Gradient

Essie Chills & ThrillsOn time for this Weekly Nail Art Challenge! This week was gradient and I am absolutely in love with these. When I painted these — it was still hot outside. Though, even with the cold weather, I would still wear these.

The gradient is made of Essie Chills & Thrills, I’m Addicted, and Vices Versa dabbed over Blanc. I wanted to actually use studs in this one, so I grabbed two diamonds still left over from my OPI Over & Over A-Gwen signature red. I can’t believe I haven’t used them. I applied them using nail glue because I didn’t want to paint a matte top coat over the stud.
I love them. You can see a bit of the white peeking out around the sides, which is usually why I do gradients over the lightest color. However, I wanted the neons to pop, so this is a decent compromise.
Essie I'm AddictedEssie Vices VersaMatte GradientWhat do you think?

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