Julep February It Girl Swatches

It Girl SwatchesHey guys! After having these polishes for almost three weeks, I’m finally getting the swatches posted. Sorry for the long wait! These are from February’s It Girl Maven box, and the pink and white glitter was a freebie thrown in for Valentine’s Day.

First up is Colton. It looks black, it photographs black, it paints black, but it’s not? It was really weird. There’s the most subtle red/purple undertone that shows in real life, but only in certain lighting. For the most part, though? It’s black and gorgeous. This is two coats.

Julep Colton SwatchNext is Carla. This pink is so pretty it hurts. Julep is way too good at making soft, pretty pinks (remember Fifi), and I don’t even like pink! Although, I get any more polishes like this one, I don’t think I’ll be able to claim that anymore. This one, while soft in color, is opaque. This could be a one-coater, but I used two to even everything out. Just super pretty.

Julep Carla SwatchThird is Becky. Gorgeous duochrome with a soft, satin finish. I’m absolutely in love with it. It shifts between green and purple, and being my two fav colors, this is a total win for me! I did not want to take it off after swatching. It’s just that pretty. This is two coats.

Julep Becky SwatchJulep Becky SwatchAnd I couldn’t resist adding a top coat. Still freaking pretty.

Julep Becky SwatchLast is Hartleigh. (I’m still getting over the name.) This is a red and white multi-sized glitter with red hearts. It’s not normally my cup of tea, but it was a good Valentine’s polish. I layered one coat over Colton and Carla so you can see the difference. Very little fishing for the hearts — they came out on the brush and I only had to dab a couple times just to place them on the nail. I was quite impressed.

Julep Hartleigh SwatchThere you go! Those are the four polishes I got for February in my box. I absolutely love the three It Girl ones and the glitter was a fun bonus. I might use that for the heart glitter at some point. Let me know what you think!



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