Julep Maven It Girl March Swatches

Julep March SwatchesI always hate typing out the title to these. They’re so long and boring and never quite sound right.

Anyway! I’m back from yet another long radio silence. I have been painting my nails, really, I have. It’s loading them into my photo editor and sorting through them that’s getting to me. I have a crazy amount of backlogged photos that I’m working on getting through. BUT. I finally have the swatches for March’s Julep It Girl box. Right on time for April’s reveal. One day, I’ll have this back on schedule.

First up is Nedra. It’s a beautiful dusty gray-blue that has been a hit this spring. I’ve seen variations of this color in a few places and I absolutely love it. This is right up my alley. It’s Perfect cool tone for the spring showers, yet not dark enough to negate that sunshine. My swatch is two coats.

Julep Nedra SwatchNext is Ming. This was the polish that really intrigued me. I knew it wasn’t going to quite be my cup of tea — jellies usually aren’t — but it’s purple, and it’s new, and it has fancy writing on the cap. How could I say no? The formula was nice, it layered well without patching or streaking which is a huge bonus. This is also definitely a jelly. My swatch shows five — yes, five — pretty thick coats and you can still see my nail line like nobody’s business. However, that’s what it’s supposed to do, and it would look awesome with some glitter thrown in.

Julep Ming SwatchLast of this box is Janet. It’s a soft peach color that pops out in your face. Always a win. It has a “Soft-Focus” finish, which really is semi-matte/satin and while it looked amazing, my camera ended up making it look chalky. My swatch is three coats with top coat.

Julep Janet SwatchFor the most part, I’m happy with this box. Nedra is the definite winner in my book out of these three, but I see myself getting some use out of the other two. Which one is your favorite?



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