Julep Birthday Surprise

BannerHey guys! My birthday was last week (woot! another year older!), and my best friend sent me a Mystery Box from Julep, along with June’s polish from this year’s Birthstone collection. I figured I would go ahead and swatch them out to share for you.

I’m going to start with my favorite, Heidi. This purple shifting polish represents Alexandrite, the second birthstone for June. Normally, the more popular stone is pearl, but I have never been a fan of pearls, so this lesser-known, super rare, color-shifting gem is my favorite. The color is super deep with a green shift, although I had a heard time capturing the shift. This is two coats.

Julep HeidiJulep HeidiNext up is Francis. While this isn’t a color I would normally purchase or wear, I immediately thought of all the nail art this would go well with. I see me using this in many gradients or pretty much anything that’s going to involve grass. The polish was slightly sheer, but built up to good opacity in three coats.

Julep FrancisThis next one is Jane. This is a dense glitter that shifts between bronze and copper. Julep’s website calls it rose-gold, but I’m going to have to disagree with them on that. The formula runs pretty thick, so I had a bit of an issue building it up to cover my nail, but I got there in three coats. I also layered one coat over Ledi on my ring finger so you can see what it would look like as a topper.

Julep JaneUp next is Vera. With this color, I can see where they tried to go, but I don’t think they quite made it. It just did not work well with my skin tone. This is another shade that I might use in nail art, but not one I would wear on its own. The formula was similar to Francis and built up to opacity in three coats.

Julep VeraLast is a color I already had, Hartleigh. This was from this February’s box, but my mother enjoyed me receiving this! I passed it onto her, which always makes me happy. I pulled the photo from February’s post so you can view it together. This shows one coat layered over Colton and Carla.

Julep Hartleigh SwatchThere you have it! I was super stoked to see this come in — I called her up immediately and just squeeled in her ear. Always a great birthday when there’s polish coming your way! Let me know what you think!


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