Venique Duo

BannerHey guys! I’m back with more swatches. I know these aren’t new colors, but I’ve been wanted to get photo swatches of my polishes. (Just think about swatching all my bottles is overwhemling, but one at a time, right?) I picked up these two at the Premiere Orlando show — again thanks to the urging of my sister.

Venique is a brand I know very little about. I’ve owned one of their colors for a couple years now and when I first acquired it, there was absolutely no information available that I could find. Now, though, it seems they’ve updated their website. They’re a professional line, only available for licensed professionals in the beauty industry through CosmoProf. (While I am not a licensed professional, I do work for another professional-only distributor, so I’m familiar with the company.) The quality of these colors are wonderful and I look forward to learning more about it.

First up is Irresistable Desires. This is a gorgeous shimmery blueish green. It can look almost black in some lighting, but that shimmer. Man, it’s beautiful. This is from the Re-Engineered collection from winter of 2014. My swatch shows two coats.

Venique Irresistable DesiresMy favorite of the two is Firm & Fabulous. Ho-ly crap, this polish is gorgeous! Not only is it my favorite shade of blurple, it’s matte. Matte! (Not swede, or satin, or dull. An actual, true matte finish.) This is from the Fall 2014 Be Brilliant collection. I used two coats for this one, but it could definitely be a one-coater! The only reason for the second coat was to smooth everything out since I didn’t expect it to dry matte.

Venique Firm & FabulousAnd of course, here it is with top coat.

Venique Firm & FabulousThere you have it! What do you think of the colors? Hopefully, the next time I run across this brand, I’ll know a little more about them!



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