Stars and Stripes

Essie Silk WatercolorsHappy Friday! I hope this week has been treating you well. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I was able to put together this little design for the holiday. This is using a couple new things and part of me loves it and part of me is a little meh about the entire thing.

For the colors, I used Essie’s new Silk Watercolors in the shades Blush Strokes and Point of Blue dabbed and dragged over a base of White Page. After getting the base I wanted, I stamped! I’ve been having problems stamping, but Caption Polish just came out with two stamping kits that I snagged up a couple weeks ago, and their stamper has made this technique click with me. The waves are from Design Plate 3 and the stars from Design Plate 4. I used OPI Alpine Snow to stamp.

Patriotic NailsEssie Silk WatercolorsWhat do you think? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday for those celebrating.



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