World Cup

GradientI’m guessing we can all guess what I did this past weekend? In case you haven’t heard, the final for the Women’s World Cup was this past Sunday. US vs. Japan in a weird repeat of the 2011 Final. My nephew gave me the wonderful idea of doing a design for the game and I could not resist.

I know, it looks weird. To most people, only two of these nails make sense — the gradient on my pinkie and thumb. I realize I have this weird trend to do this, but I swear it makes sense!

Freehand Nail ArtLast year, I did a manicure for the Men’s World Cup and rather than painting the US flag, I did their jerseys. Ever since then, I’ve inadvertently made it a habit to paint the jerseys of the teams playing. My pointer is the US Women’s jersey and my ring finger is the Japan’s. For my middle, I did a pretty simple version of Canada’s (the host country) logo. While I enjoyed it, not many people understood exactly what they were looking at.

This was all made with polish because I am an idiot. One of these days, I will discover the joys of acrylic paint. Until then, I’ll continue to suffer. Colors are: OPI Alpine Snow, Black Onyx, Coca-Cola Red, Indignantly Indigo, Hot & Spicy, No Room For the Blues, and Essie Mojito Madness.

Nail ArtI swear, that maple leaf looked better in real life. Let me know what you think and if there’s something else you’d like to see. I’ve had a dry spell on inspiration and would love for anyone to drop some.



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