Zoya Paradise Sun Swatches

Zoya Paradise Sun SwatchesShimmers! Are you excited? I am. So excited. So let’s dive right in.

First up, Aphrodite. Gorgeous red shimmer that leans slightly orange. This is four coats.

Zoya Aphrodite SwatchSecond is Mae. I’m really not a fan of pinks, but this one is really pretty. I can see this being a wonderful summer pedicure shade. This is three coats.

Zoya Mae SwatchNext is Isa, my absolute favorite. Again, no surprise, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m really surprised this was included in a summer collection because it’s a little on the darker side, but no complaints at all. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one — it’s currently on my toes. This is two coats.

Zoya Isa SwatchThis one is Oceane. It is so vibrant I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to photograph it. I still had a bit of trouble with it, but it really is pretty. This is two coats.

Zoya Oceane SwatchNext is Selene, which is a perfect jewel tone. My skin tone goes well with jewel colors, so I see me pulling this out in the fall. This is two coats.

Zoya Selene SwatchLast up is Genesis. I was a little disappointed with this color; the formula was a little too thick as well as patchy. I had to thin it down and reswatch it to get the polish to work with me. It’s pretty, but a little too finicky. This is two coats.

Zoya Genesis SwatchThere you go! Let me know what you think!



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