Freehand Roses

Rose Nail ArtHey all! I finally have some nail art to share. It feels like it’s been forever. So, good news that I have art. Bad news is that I’m so not a fan of them.

I started with a gradient using OPI Glints of Glinda and Alpine Snow and then just stared at it, wondering what I was going to put over it. I decided to try roses, just to see, and used Romantically Involved for that. I actually hated how it looked with just roses, so the dots were added to try and distract myself. Then I topped it all with a matte top coat and told myself I would like it the next morning.

I didn’t. I didn’t like them after wearing them for a weekend, but other people did. So I figured I would share them and see what you think.

Matte NailsOPIFreehand Nail ArtLike it?



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