Disney Nails

Disney Nail ArtHey all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today’s another look into my backlogs. I did these for a trip to Epcot back in…May? So long ago.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m about 95% positive that I used OPI Black OnyxOver and Over A-GwenL.A.M.B., and Alpine Snow. I think. Okay, the gold is definitely L.A.M.B. And I usually grab OPI’s white and black, and I think the only red I had at the time I loved this much was the signature Gwen Stefani red.

Basically, I can’t know for sure and I don’t think I’m wrong, but just in case, that’s all just a guess.

Mickey Mouse Nail ArtIt’s a pretty simple design. I just used a dotting tool to make everything, even the oversized Mickeys on the corners. It was quick and easy and definitely noticeable.

Oh my gosh I miss my square nails!

Dot Nail ArtDisneyLet me know what you think!



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