My Forray into Essie’s Watercolors

Rainbow Nail ArtHey all! Hope you had a good weekend. I’ve been tossing the idea of posting this design around for months. When the entire watercolor trend came out this past spring, I was itching to get a hold of one. I settled with picking up the full pack of Essie’s Silk Watercolors and giving that a shot.

To make it short, I hated these colors. They wouldn’t blend, they were so streaky, the colors were dull, and Essie decided to pair them with a regular white polish instead of a metallic base. I swatched the entire collection and hated the photos so much, I promptly returned the set and bought something else.

However, I was dead set on making something work, so I tried for the gradient. I started with two coats of White Page then worked my way through the rainbow with all of the colors, overlaying them while the polish was still wet. I topped the entire thing with Essie’s Carnival, and I really believe the glitter topper is the best part of the design.

Watercolor Nail ArtEssie Silk Watercolor Nail ArtGradient Nail ArtHave you tried the watercolor trend? Any ones that worked for you? Let me know!



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