Julep August (2015) It Girl Swatches

Julep MavenAnother swatch post! I have a total of six of these, so two down and four more after this. Sorry for the spam, but hey. At least I’m posting? This box is August’s It Girl box, and I’m pretty certain the only reason I didn’t skip was because of the purple that showed in the preview. So let’s go ahead and look at them.

First is Madelynn.

Julep Madelynn SwatchThe color is absolutely beautiful, but not a new purple. I tend to gravitate towards purple, so I have quite a bit of these. Unfortunately there was…something? in the formula. I don’t know, they were little grains of sand and it didn’t apply smoothly. Also didn’t hurt that the brush was frayed — which is a total bummer. There’s not really anything you can do with that and I’m disappointed it slipped passed Julep’s quality control. C’est la vie. Outside of all of that, I have no other complaints. This is two coats.

Next up is Lizzy.

Julep Lizzy SwatchUgh, I love this color. I wish it worked better with my skin. It’s a great palate cleanser. The first coat was a bit patchy, but everything evened out with the second coat. It will look great on someone with more olive skin than mine. This was two coats.

Last is Laure.

Julep Laure SwatchI’m happy this was included, as it’s a really pretty orange textured polish. There’s a flash of gold in the formula that does show up on your nails. It’s a bit sheerer than I thought it would be, but not terrible. This is three coats.

Laure kept reminding me of OPI Jinx (which is easily in my top ten favs of OPI), so I went ahead and did a comparison between the two.

ComparisonAs you can see, Jinx has more of that gold glitter, and the base color is more coral than Laure. They’re definitely not dupes of each other and between the two, I prefer Jinx. However, if you missed the chance to pick up the OPI beauty, Laure is a good substitute.

Let me know what you think!



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