Julep May (2015) It Girl Swatches

BannerHappy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hope you all have a great time getting back to work and/or school. I have this coming week off — my boss is on vacation and it’s such a small business, that I get the week off too. (Not paid, but I’m making it work.)

Over the last couple months, I’ve slowly getting my nail polish back into order. I did a mass update to my spreadsheet. I used to have it on Dropbox, but for some reason, it lost every update I did from January to June last year. And then nail school started and I was slacking for the majority of the year. So I updated the entire thing and one of my goals this year for my blog is to post a swatch of every polish in my collection. (!! I’m going to die.)

I decided to start that huge undertaking with the Julep boxes I’ve been lacking on — and there were quite a few! I’m going to be spamming my blog this week with all the swatch posts. I’ll try to fit in some nail art in between, but no promises. First up is May’s box. (Better late than never!)

This is Jessica.

Julep Jessica SwatchI am a grade-A sucker for this shade of blue. It’s absolutely beautiful and just goes so well with my skin tone (yay yellow undertones!). The polish is actually pretty bright for a pastel, almost with a neon quality. It had a beautiful formula and went on easy in two coats.

Next up is Lee.

Julep Lee SwatchIt’s a bright cherry red. It’s not normally a color I pick up, but that’s why I have this box, right? The formula was crazy smooth, if not a little thin. It was almost watery, but didn’t flood my cuticles. I was quite happy with it. My swatch is three coats. (Please ignore the crazy color my skin is showing. I had to sacrifice my skin to make sure the color showed properly.)

And last is Spencer.

Julep Spencer SwatchThis was a pretty normal metallic, nothing really stood out to me. It’s not my kind of color, but I know that’s because it doesn’t suit my skin tone. Would look great on anyone that normally grabs gold than silver, though! This is two coats.

My personal choice from this box is Jessica, but I don’t think anyone’s surprised! Lee and Spencer actually work well together, so I may be tempted to pair them up. Spencer would be a good stamping polish. Let me know what you think!



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