Julep September (2015) It Girl Swatches

Julep It GirlHappy Tuesday! We’re in for a roll this week. It’s pretty much going to be full of swatches until Friday — I promise nail art on Friday. September was another month I was planning on skipping. I figured I would skip it the beginning of August because of nail school and stuff, and then they went and added a beautiful purple to my box. So of course I couldn’t skip it. (Are you seeing the trend?) I also couldn’t pass up the freebie, so here’s September’s It Girl box!

First up is Aubrey.

Julep Aubrey SwatchThis one was a surprise. It’s a dusty metallic, which almost doesn’t make sense until you look at the color and see that everything works. The brushstrokes aren’t noticeable in person and there’s the faintest shimmer that actually shows up on the nail. Total surprise! This is two coats.

Next is Julep, the freebie.

Julep Julep SwatchThis is Julep’s “signature crème” and their color of the year. The formula was nice, painted on smoothly, and the color is one that will work well with most skin tones. Unfortunately, there was something up with my brush. It wasn’t completely frayed, but it wasn’t right, either. This is two coats.

The third one is Zoey.

Julep Zoey SwatchThis one is the fall version of my go-to cornflower blue color. It’s really pretty and the formula is good, with enough gray in it to be perfect for the colder weather. (Even though Florida has practically opted out of fall and winter this year.) It’s crazy opaque with the teeniest bit of patching. My swatch is two coats.

Last is Delores.

Julep Delores SwatchThis is the color that had me rearranging my budget to include this month’s box. Oh my gosh did it not disappoint!! It dries to a semi-satin finish, but it beautiful with either a gloss or matte finish. The formula is beautiful and opaque enough that you could definitely get away with one coat. (I used two.) But the best part?

Look at that holo!

Julep Delores Direct SunI don’t normally swatch polishes in direct sunlight, but absolutely jumped at making this one an exception. The holo is crazy, especially when you realize it’s not an indie polish! Oh, I am so happy I got this box — it was worth it for Delores alone.

There you have it. Honestly, I’m pretty certain Delores was at least in the top ten of favorite polishes of 2015. (I might make that post? Who knows.) Maybe even top five. Let me know what you think! And would you want a favorites of 2015 post?



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