Julep December (2015) It Girl Swatches

Julep MavenOh my gosh I can see the light! I have one more after this and then I am done with Julep swatches. At least for now. I might pick up February’s. I keep telling myself I’ll take a break for a while, and you can see how well that’s gone.

Anyway, for this box, yet another purple swayed my decision. Okay, that’s a lie. I was looking forward to all three of these colors. Crazy, isn’t it? So here we go.

First up is Beatrice.

Julep Beatrice SwatchBeatrice is a really pretty metallic shimmer gold-almost-champagne. It’s beautiful. It looks gold in the bottle, but works with my skin! I am so happy for that. And it’s subtle. How you can get subtle and metallic in the same bottle is beyond me, but this is it. My swatch is three coats.

Next up is Stainy McStainerson, Chrissy.

Julep Chrissy SwatchThis color is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful formula and is everything I ever wanted in a teal-leaning emerald creme and it stains. You see the green all around my cuticles? I’ve never had a color stain my skin before. But this one did. Oh man did it ever. Normally, stains don’t bother me that much because I’m always wearing polish, but this one is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I had to soak my nails in a baking powder mixture after this. But I know me — I’ll be wearing this one again. (It’s just so pretty!) This is two coats.

Last is Omelia.

Julep Omelia SwatchIsn’t she pretty? She’s a royal purple texture polish with flashes of fuchsia shimmer. I absolutely did not want to remove this color. It’s definitely going on my toes in the spring. It also had great coverage. I used two coats to even everything out.

There you have it! Just one more post of the random Julep stragglers and then I will be done with this week’s swatch spam-fest. Let me know what you think!



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