Julep November (2015) It Girl Swatches

Julep It GirlHello! Hope your week is going well for you. Today I have November’s It Girl box to share with you. This was another box I considered skipping for financial reasons until I saw the preview. The box had two matte metallics (which is new!) and a new Oxygen nail treatment. I can’t say no to matte anything, so here we are.

First up is Rashida.

Julep Rashida SwatchIt’s a great formula that seriously just glides on the well and I love the matte finish to this entire thing, but my brush was frayed. Again. (If you’re keeping track, this is the fourth polish that I received last year from Julep with brush issues — out of eight boxes. I’ll probably be taking this issue up with them.) Outside of all that nonsense, this is a super pretty color that I will figure out the brush problem to use again. My swatch is two coats.

Second is Sonia.

Julep Sonia SwatchDo you see how pretty this color is?! Absolutely beautiful. You wanna know what’s even better about this colors. It’s one coat. This color is crazy opaque and beautiful and just went on beautifully. I had absolutely no issue with this one, whatsoever. Seriously, I fully recommend this one.

The third in the box was a new addition to Julep’s Oxygen line, which is nail treatments. It’s Take a Breather and according to their blog, it’s a nail strengthener with a subtle shimmer pink shade to it. Honestly, I didn’t even know it had a tint to it until just now when I looked up the information. I also haven’t used it — I know, I’m a bad blogger! I’m extremely loyal to OPI’s Nail Envy treatment and am weighing the costs of trying out a new treatment. (My nails are naturally weak and will not grow without a strengthener, even to the short length you see in these photos.) Had I known it had a shade, I would have at least swatched it. I am sorry I did not do that. I will let you know if I try it out, but it may stay limited to my right hand.

Well, there’s November’s box. While I’m a bit iffy on the treatment, I love the matte metallics and cannot wait to try them out with stamping. I just know they’ll stamp beautifully. Let me know what you think!


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