Julep Miscellaneous Swatches

Julep It GirlLast one! I am on the last post of the Julep swatch train for this week! Oh man am I so happy. Swatching is something that I really only love the end result of. The entire process is tiring, but seeing everything come together? That can definitely be worth it.

These three colors are the leftovers I have from Julep. On my master list spreadsheet, I link back to where I use each polish on the blog. These were the last remaining three without links. Now, some of the links are to posts where I used the polish in nail art, but didn’t swatch — I will be getting to those later. As of now, I have used and posted every Julep bottle I own. Whew! Now let’s get to it.

First up is Shoshanna.

Julep Shoshanna SwatchShoshanna is from the It Girl box of December 2013 and the one that I really didn’t grab. Now, I can see that was a mistake. The bottle shows the color to be a green-yellow polish with gold glitter, but as you can see on my nail, that is not the case! It’s definitely a gold glitter with holographic specks. It’s much prettier than I expected. My photo shows one coat over Lee and four coats by itself.

Next is Denver.

Julep Denver SwatchThis color is easily top five of my favorite Julep colors. It is downright beautiful. It has the smooth formula of a pastel, but the pop and vibrancy of a neon — and it’s not either; it just fits somewhere in between. This color was actually a part of the mystery box my best friend got me for my birthday last year — it just got mixed up in the shuffle and I accidentally left it out! It was originally part of the It Girl box of May 2013 — a couple months before I joined. My swatch shows three coats.

Last for this mashup is Camille.

Julep Camille SwatchShe’s a soft glitter that reminds me of a couple Essie glitters. I might have to dig them out to compare. The colors are actually all over the spectrum, but are mostly gold. It became a favorite quickly. Camille is a Classic With a Twist shade and came out in the spring of 2013. (I think it might have been May, but I really don’t know.) I have a feeling it would look like snow if layered over white. My swatch shows one coat over Sonia and four coats on its own. It’s definitely not one to build up to opacity.

There we have it! What do you think of all the swatches? I like swatching as a break in nail art and they definitely come in handy when shopping. Last year, most of my popular posts were swatch posts, so I’m planning on trying to incorporate more in (hence the goal to swatch my collection). Is that what you want to see? Or would you want to see more nail art? I definitely think this week was a little too swatch intensive, but that’s me and I want to hear from you. Let me know what you think!



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