Bronze and Gold Shards

Taping Nail DesignHey all! Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. Today started out as a lazy one, then has slowly become filled with doing my mom’s nails, meeting up with the boyfriend for lunch (yay Chipotle!), and getting some paperwork done. Knowing me, I’ll still make it a lazy Saturday anyway!

I know it’s a little odd for me to post on a Saturday, but I wanted to put this design up before the end of January — and posting on Sunday is even weirder for me! This is my design for last week’s Weekly Nail Art Challenge prompt — foil or flakes! I went the flake route as I don’t have any foil, and ended up with this. I used OPI My Vampire is Buff for the base and the glitter is Gaining Mole-mentum. I simply taped off the triangles, sponged on the glitter, then top coated it all.

Simple Nail Design

Nail Art

Weekly Nail Art ChallengeI really liked how this turned out. Let me know what you think!



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