Simple Nail Art

Silver French Tip

Simple Nail ArtHey all, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today, I have a simple French tip to share with you. A couple weeks ago, I decided to go on Instagram right before painting my nails just in time to see this awesome French tip from @nailsbyjema. It was just so simple and clean and apparently exactly what I wanted to do. My nails were short enough that a French tip didn’t look weird, so I decided to do it. (I have crazy short nail beds, so it normally looks awful unless I “extend” my nail bed, which I don’t like doing.)

I started with two coats of OPI Glints of Glinda to have a base. Looking back on it, I wish I would have left my nail bare, but lesson learned. The silver is Morgan Taylor Oh Snap, It’s Silver and I love the look. I decided to use French tip Nail Vinyls instead of freehanding it and sponged on the silver rather than painting. Overall, it left a smooth, thin, clean look and I ended up wearing this much longer than intended.

French tip Nail Art

Easy Nail Design

Morgan Taylor Nail PolishLet me know what you think!



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