Something a Little Different — STAR WARS Edition

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Warning: This post is photo-heavy!
Happy Wednesday! Today, I have a different kind of post for you. A couple weeks ago, I spent the majority of my free time putting together an anniversary present for my boyfriend. It’s been five years and I wanted to do something special, even with a severe lack of funds. I photographed each step along the way to share with you.

1. Prep.

Getting StartedGetting Started

For this, I grabbed two canvases, a box of acrylic paint, and a cheap set up brushes. Had I not been on such a budget crunch, I would have splurged more on the brushes. However, they were in my price range and they did the job. I hadn’t made my decision on the canvases, but these came in a two-pack that was 50% at Michael’s, so I ended up with two 24″x12″ canvases. Then came the sketching. I made drew out two boxes to scale, printed a STAR WARS logo, and sketched them on, just to see how I would have to measure.

Getting Ready 04 -- Prep

Then came prepping the canvas. I decided to keep the texture, so all I did was graph out the straight lines and “trace” the logo. As soon as that was done, I prepped for painting. I set up a fold-away table in the spare room so I would be able to leave the project out for as long as it took to finish (a week). I taped a large garbage bag to the table to keep it from moving, then grabbed the paints, a palette, a cup of water, and my computer. (I listened to a lot of YouTube videos through this entire thing.)

2. Painting!

05 -- Background06 -- Lettering07 -- Galaxy

I started with the background, mixing together a dark navy blue. I did large brush strokes to cover most of it, then when that was dry I began detailing the letters. Then, using a brighter blue and purple, I added in texture to make it appear as faraway galaxies. Once that was done, I took some white paint, thinned it out with a lot of water, then flecked it over the whole thing to add in some stars.

08 -- Silhouettes10 -- More Silhouettes11 -- Yoda!

Once the background was dry, it was time to start the silhouettes. With the help of a friend, I picked out the characters that would represent the three movie trilogies, lined them up in the order I wanted them in, then found their heights and iconic poses. The entire STAR WARS franchise works in meters and I was able to find this really helpful banner that was released in Japan when pre-ordering the movie tickets. From there, I measured out a simple scale (two inches = one meter) and sketched out the silhouettes.

At first, I was worried you wouldn’t be able to see them, so I tried to add in a glow-effect around the letters. After that was a total fail, I mixed up a gray and went from there. Also — look at Yoda! I’m super proud of my Yoda. I think he turned out the best.

12 -- Silhouettes13 -- Fill Letters

From there, it was just filling in the letters with yellow and painting in the lightsabers. If I were to do this again, I would have definitely painted the letters first. I originally decided not to because I didn’t want to chance leaving pencil marks on yellow paint, but that actually was much easier to deal with than painting around all those figures! I now know for next time. (If there even will be a next time.)

15 -- Done!And I was done! It was a huge project, took much longer than I anticipated, and I love it. More importantly, he loved it and is absolutely ecstatic. One last step I did but didn’t photograph was sealing it. We grabbed a matte sealer to protect the paint and sprayed that with a couple coats. It definitely made a difference, but I unfortunately don’t have any photos of it.

16 -- Closeup17 -- Closeup

Let me know what you think!


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