Rainbow Checkerboard

Rainbow Nail ArtHappy Friday! Is everyone excited for the weekend? My sister’s throwing a Superbowl party on Sunday, so we’re all going to that. (Go Panthers!) I actually think the entire family is going for the same team, which is weird. Hopefully, it’s a good game.

Today, I have this rainbow checkerboard nail art to share with you. It’s (loosely) for this week’s prompt in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge. I mean, it started out that way and then ended like there’s no relation. Today’s prompt is Sponging and the month’s theme is Love/Hate. The Love/Hate portion was supposed to be a little more apparent, but it just didn’t work out. However, I actually hated this manicure when I finished. It wasn’t what I wanted and I was so tired. So I took pictures and forced myself to pack everything up so I wouldn’t take it off immediately. I’m happy for that — after a good night’s sleep, I love it! Go figure.

I started out with OPI In True Stefani Fashion and I sponged it on to get it opaque. Then, I created a rainbow with OPI’s Sheer Tints (Violet Me Down, I Can Teal You Like Me, I’m Never Amberrassed, and Be Magentale With Me). I originally had a heart pattern picked out to stamp over, but that did not work at all. So I salvaged the entire thing and chose this checkerboard from Caption’s Design Plate 1 and used China Glaze Liquid Leather for the polish.

Weekly Nail Art Challenge

Stamping Nail ArtLet me know what you think!



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