Julep February Swatches

Julep February SwatchesHey all. Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great Valentine’s yesterday. We ended up having to postpone our V-day tradition (Chinese takeout and at-home movie) to next weekend, but it was a good weekend nonetheless. Today, I have swatches for my February Julep box.

First up is Hayley.

Julep Hayley Swatch

This is a really pretty, squishy oxblood red with the slightest touch of pink. It paints like a thick crelly, but wasn’t hard to control. This coat shows two coats.

Next is Giselle.

Julep GIselle Swatch

I wish my swatched showed it correctly. This is a dark forest green with the barest hint of a shimmer. My photo makes it look a little black and while it is a dark green, it’s not quite that dark. This is two coats.

Third is Jenica.

Julep Jenica Swatch

This is my absolute favorite of the box. Oh I love this one so much. It has a crazy amount of depth and has a wonderful formula. It leans slightly green in color. This is two coats.

Julep threw in a freebie this month: Hartleigh.

Julep Hartleigh SwatchThis is their Valentine’s polish released last year. It’s a red, white, and pink glitter with a dusting of scattered holo and different colored hearts. This shows one coat layers over Colton and Carla.

I also had time to swatch the Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Shimmer from November’s box.

Julep Oxygen Treatment Sheer ShimmerI can’t speak for how the treatment works, as I haven’t tried it as one, but I figured I would show you the color. It dries to a semi-matte finish and honestly? It’s ugly. I’m showing one coat without top coat (as it’s intended to be worn) and I am not impressed. It does give the slightest dusting of pink, but the shimmer is absolutely nonexistent. And if you build it up with a couple coats to see the shimmer, it becomes milky and thick and ugh. I am just not a fan.

And, if you’re with me this far, I’m hosting a small giveaway! (Emphasis on “small”.) I’ll be giving away Julep Hartleigh mixed with a few mystery items. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to host something on here for a while and I want to be able to send a few goodies I think the winner will appreciate. SO. Enter by just leaving a comment. That’s it! Leave a comment letting me know what you like seeing on the blog and what you want to see more of.

I have some restrictions — it will only be in the Continental U.S. (I’m really sorry to exclude so many places, but I can’t afford that kind of shipping. I’m sorry!) One entry per person and winner either must be over 18 or have parental approval to enter. Please be aware that you will have to give me your address should you win. Giveaway is going on for two weeks and will end February 29. Winner will be announced that following week and I’ll be getting in touch.

So there you have it! Have a great day!


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