Geometric Stamping

Simple Winter NailsHey all! Hope you’re doing well. Today I have a simple stamping design to share with you. I wanted to use one of my new colors but didn’t know what nail art to put over it. So, I fished out my plates and decided.

Okay, actually, deciding was hilarious. I had three designs to choose from and when I went to apply the polish over the plate, I picked a new one entirely. Go figure. This starts with OPI Give Me Space and I stamped with Caption’s Rewind, Repeat. Stamp design is from Caption Flash Forward Plate 2.

Caption Stamping Plates

Simple Stamping Nail Art

OPI Nail ArtAaaaannnnnd here’s the swatch for Give Me Space.

OPI Give Me Space Swatch

Isn’t it pretty?! This is two coats and no top coat. If you’re looking for a pretty blue with a bit of scattered holo, I absolutely recommend this one.

Let me know what you think!



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