OPI Bond Girls Swatches

OPI Bond Girls SwatchesHey all! Hope you had a good weekend. In continuing through swatching my collection, I have the OPI Bond Girls collection to share. This collection was released Summer 2013 in celebration of James Bond 50th anniversary. These are all Liquid Sands (OPI’s version of textured polish) and they each represent a female character.

First is Honey Ryder.

OPI Honey Ryder Swatch

This is a gold polish with subtle shimmer inspired by the creme and gold bikini Honey wears in Dr. No. My swatch is two coats.

Next up is Jinx.

OPI Jinx Swatch

I’m just going to be honest — this is, by far, my favorite of this collection. Actually, it’s my favorite Liquid Sand polish from OPI completely, and it is easily in the top ten (probably top five) of my favorite OPI polishes of all time. WOAH. Big claim right there! But it really is. It is so bright and so beautiful. The base is this really pretty orange-leaning coral with a gold flash in the shimmer and I just want it all over everything. Anyway, this color was inspired by the orange bikini Jinx wears in Die Another Day. My swatch is two coats.

Third is Pussy Galore.

OPI Pussy Galore Swatch

Disclaimer: I really only bought this to complete the collection and I’m pretty happy I did. This is a soft pink that is a lot prettier than I thought it would be. Not sure if I’ll wear it, but it’s seriously very pretty. It’s based on the blouse Ms. Galore wore in Goldfinger. This shows two coats.

Next up is Solitaire.

OPI Solitaire Swatch

I love this color. It’s a really nice soft white with a silver/gray sparkly interspersed. Just love it. The color is based on the white shift (?) she wears in Live and Let Die. My swatch is three coats.

My second favorite of the collection is Tiffany Case.

OPI Tiffany Case Swatch

How freaking pretty is this?! Oh, I remember when the collection came out, I picked this up immediately. It’s stunning and I absolutely love it. Tiffany Case was in Diamonds are Forever and the color is chosen because of the blue shirt? I actually have no idea if it’s based off a shirt or her name, but it’s beautiful anyway. My swatch is two coats.

And last is Vesper.

OPI Vesper Swatch

This one is a little weird in that it absolutely doesn’t look like it does in the bottle. There is more purple on the nail, while the bottle looks like it’s a bit more red. The black pieces are a little odd, but I like the overall effect. This color is based on Vesper’s beautiful dress in Casino Royale. This is three coats.

There you have it! I actually have never seen a James Bond movie, but that doesn’t keep me from absolutely loving this collection. Let me know what you think!



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