Louboutin Rouge Swatch, Review, and Nail Art

Louboutin Rouge Swatch
Hey all! Today I have a pretty special post to share. When I finished nail school last fall, my boyfriend (now fiancé) got me a bottle of Louboutin Rouge to celebrate. Red is not normally my color, but he knew me well enough that if I was only going to have one polish from this line, it should be the signature red.

First, I absolutely love the bottle. I would easily put five colors from this line in a line on a shelf and put them on a wall as art. (While crazy expensive for polish, $250 for a piece of art is only slightly on the high end. Funny how that works out. Now if only I could afford it!) I was terrified I would accidentally knock it over, but it’s surprisingly heavy. It’s definitely a sturdy bottle.

Louboutin Nail Polish

From what I’ve seen, Rouge is the only color that has the black gradient on the glass and a black handle. The other colors have clear glass and a shorter handle of a different color (depending on the collection), which I think it seriously just as pretty. The handle takes a bit getting used to. I’m not used to the added weight, so I had to slightly adjust how I painted my nails, but it was amazing when painting someone else’s hands. I’m sure it works perfectly for someone not accustomed to painting their nails as often as I do.

The formula is amazing. I’ve seen a lot of posts about this color rave about it. It’s so hard to believe it lives up to the claims, but it really does. It covers flawlessly in one-coat, is super shiny on it’s own.

Rouge Louboutin Swatch

Is it worth the $50? For me, yes. It’s a wonderful formula, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, I will get a lot of use out of this in decorating, and I’m big into polish. (I also really love Louboutin’s line of shoes. So I want the polish if I’m ever in the position to get a pair.) However, if you’re not into polish like I am, don’t care for using polish as art pieces, not really into the nail culture, or just plain can’t justify spending that much money on polish, then no, it’s not worth it.

It was weird to have just red on my hands, so I grabbed a Caption stamping plate and China Glaze Liquid Leather and added a simple print. Loved rocking the plaid for a couple days.

Louboutin Rouge Nails

Stamping Nail Art

Caption Stamping

There you have it! Let me know what you think and if you would splurge on this polish.



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