Negative Space Shapes

Negative Space Nail ArtHappy Friday! Today, I have this design for the Weekly Nail Art Challenge — today’s prompt was shapes. I could figure out how to make it work, but I ended up with this negative space design that I actually like quite a bit!

It was a little weird, because I’m not a fan of my natural nail line. I think my nail beds are just too short that it ends up looking wrong, but I made it work somehow. I used CND Vinylux¬†Creekside and painted in the shapes. for all of these, I started with a striping brush to outline where I wanted the negative space, then just used a smaller brush or the bottle’s brush to fill the rest in. If I were to redo this, I would definitely swap my pointer and pinky, but it still works as it is.

Simple Nail Art

Negative Space Nail Designs

CND Vinylux

Let me know what you think!



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