Swatch Spam: Morgan Taylor


Hey all! Hope you’re having a good week. This past weekend I picked up a couple Morgan Taylor shades, so I took the opportunity to swatch the rest of my MT collection. Here we go:

First up is All the Right Moves.

Morgan Taylor All the Right Moves Swatch

It’s a gorgeous purple base with purple and blue glitters. It’s a bit thick and difficult to handle, but that might be due to the age. (I’ve had this one for three years now.) My swatch is two coats.

Next is Anime-zing Color!

Morgan Taylor Anime-zing Color! Swatch

My photo is a little weird, but photographing neons is so hard! And this is a beautiful neon. It has one of the best formulas for a neon purple I’ve ever seen and doesn’t need a white base. This is two coats.

This one is Bright Eyes.

Morgan Taylor Bright Eyes Swatch

How pretty is it! It has a metallic quality but doesn’t show brush strokes in real life at all. I absolutely love this shade. I used two thin coats, but it could be a one coater easily.

Next is Make a Statement.

Morgan Taylor Make a Statement Swatch

This is actually the first polish that caught my eye when the brand premiered at the Orlando hair show. It’s a gorgeous duochrome glitter that bounces back and forth between purple and blue. It’s so dense. This is just painting on three coats, no sponging required!

Here’s New York State of Mind.

Morgan Taylor New York State of Mind Swatch

It’s a red and blue glitter polish in a black crelly base. You wouldn’t think it’s as pretty as it is. The glitter actually compliments each other and it looks really nice. A subtle addition to a black look. This is three coats.

This one is Stop, Shop, & Roll.

Morgan Taylor Stop, Shop, & Roll Swatch

This one dropped in my lap. Last October, I helped out a nail tech in Orlando with a nail event and she handed me this color at the end. I’m still on cloud nine when I think about it. And I love this color. It has the same finish as Bright Eyes with just a bit more green to the color. This is two coats.

Next is Take Me to Your Tribe.

Morgan Taylor Take Me to Your Tribe Swatch

Look at this color. Just look at this color. It is so pretty. It’s so freaking beautiful. This is actually the first color I swatched during this swatching spree and it hurt to take it off. The formula is gorgeous and the color is just. Perfect. This is two coats.

This one is Under the Stars.

Morgan Taylor Under the Stars Swatch

This color is just a galaxy in a bottle. It’s a dark blue jelly polish with holographic glitter. This one is also a bit thick, but I’ve had it for a few years. This is two coats.

The last polish is Who-Dini?

Morgan Taylor Who-Dini? Swatch

It’s a beautiful blue-based gray polish. It was a little patchy at first, but smoothed over fairly easily. After swatching, I was struck with an overwhelming need to see it matte. So…

Morgan Taylor Who-Dini? Matte Swatch

Yep. This color was made to be matte. How utterly gorgeous is it?! I love it. My swatch is three coats.

There you have it! It was nice to get these colors swatched. Let me know what you think!


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