A gentle reminder


for everyone who might need to hear that right now (which reads as mostly me I guess because I am like that):

What you share about your WIP(s) – be it OneShots, drabbles, posts on worldbuilding and characters – is not set in stone. Just because there is a OneShot somewhere going deeper into a minor/major detail you now decided to discard doesn’t mean you can’t discard the detail. (read: any variants of this; characters, locations, plot points, etc.)

I haven’t seen this on my dashboard yet but I like to think that things are only truly canon when they appear in your final draft; the one you are done with and ready to send out to agents or publishing houses, the one you intend to self-publish. That one. Everything else is just testing the waters and exploring things.

So if you are like me and frequently end up trying to find a way around a problem in the plot just because there is this one post you once made about this piece of plot and you feel unable to discard or change it as needed: stop it.

You can change whatever the heck you want, no matter how many posts you’ve written about it already

Of course, that’s what I want myself to remember.  It’s okay to change things even after having them included and introduced as a part of your WIP. That’s basically what editing is there for; to adapt everything else to changes you made along the way or to find things that need changing.

(You might have a different stand on this maybe and that’s fine. After all, no one writes the same way and every writer has their own set of “rules” and advice they prefer following.)

But if you needed to hear that, this post is for you (and for me)


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