About Me

Hi all! I’m Nikki, and I run Nik@Nails for the fun of it. This blog actually started out as a book blog, then evolved into nails. I still randomly post book reviews or thoughts, but I’ve mainly moved over to showing nail art. It’s been a fun ride!

Other than that, I’m a girl living at home trying to figure out what exactly is going on with my life. I have an absolute love for music and will have a career in the field. What I’ll be doing, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve always wanted to teach, but with how the education system in this country is going down the drain, I’m considering shifting my focus to something else (maybe composition?) and returning to teaching when I’m ready.  Or when I can get my foot in the door at a university. Whichever comes first.

Well, I’m not entirely sure what else to include, but I will answer any questions anyone might ever have. I’m a very open person and enjoy answering probing questions. But for now, I’m off to find a book to read or paint my nails. See you soon!


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