OPI Calendar Roundup

Hey all! Hope you’re having a good Sunday. I’m working today, so hopefully, it’ll all be over quick. Today, I have all twelve of the designs I did this year using the colors from my calendar. In case you’re new, this calendar featured three to four OPI polishes each month, and I challenged myself to do a design using each of them.

RoundupIt’s been a ride. Some months have been a blast doing; others I scraped for inspiration. I’ve gathered shades I normally would never have purchased, and some I’ve fallen absolutely in love with. Click on the picture if you’d like to see the details.

Cityscape  Cloud Mani  Bottle

OPI Hot & Spicy; OPI In My Back Pocket  OPI  OPI Do You Lilac It?

OPI Ink  OPI Need Sunglasses?  OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Ruffian  OPI Nails  OPI Dots

My favorites are the cityscape fro January, the comic style for August, and the geometric design for November. Which are your favorites?


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